Install woocommerce and add upto 15 products on wordpress website

Do you want to start an online store? Well, you don’t have to look beyond the amazing WordPress, as you can own an online store in minutes with the Woocommerce plugin. WooCommerce is an extendable and powerful eCommerce plugin, which helps you retail anything you want. We help transform your WordPress site into an eCommerce […]

WooCommerce Cart page not working properly

After installing the WooCommerce plugin on your WordPress site, you may discover that the shopping cart page is not working properly. Various issues are frequently reported about WooCommerce shopping cart page. The shopping cart page may appear blank or certain functionalities may be missing. Don’t worry. We have solutions for WooCommerce cart page errors. We […]

Fix WooCommerce product search issue

The search box is an important element on WooCommerce sites. As majority of visitors use it for searching for products, while building an ecommerce site, webmasters must check whether the product search function is working properly. However, errors in search functions occur frequently. It may not return results. If you experience similar problems with your […]

Want to change the name of add to cart button in WooCommerce

Want to replace the “add to cart” text with something else you want the shopping cart button to say? As the “add to cart” text is the default text for WooCommerce themes, the code of the function.php file should be modified to add the text of your choice. Sounds difficult? Don’t worry. We can change […]

Remove SKU number from product detail page in WooCommerce

SKU or the Stock Keeping Unit is needed for tracking the stock of a particular product. By default the SKU number is displayed on the product detail page in WooCommerce shops. However, if you want to hide it from the product detail page, so that it is available only for backend use, you must edit […]

Change the font color and size of the price in WooCommerce

Even minor changes in WooCommerce shops such as changing the font color or the size of the price require editing the CSS code of the theme. As knowledge of coding is needed to accomplish the task, only experienced developers are capable of undertaking the job. If you want to customize your WooCommerce store by changing […]

Move the add to cart button position in WooCommerce

Can’t figure out how to move the ‘add to cart’ button on the single product page in WooCommerce to a different location? To change the default location of the button, the function.php file should be modified. To avoid the hassle, contact us. Tell us where on the product page you want to place the ‘add […]

Set up CCAvenue Payment Gateway in WooCommerce

CCAvenue is a secure and complete payment solution for online stores. With more than 100 payment options, it is a popular choice for online businesses. This popular payment gateway can also be integrated with WooCommerce. To prevent fraudulent transactions and to offer the maximum payment options to your customers, we will help you in setting […]

Set up order confirmation email for your products in WooCommerce

While making purchases online, customers need to be assured that their orders have been fixed through an order confirmation email. There are various areas of an order confirmation email that need to be addressed. First, you need a customized email format that includes the order summary and relevant information. The next step is enabling the […]

Set up the CCNow Payment Gateway in WooCommerce

CCNow is a secure mode of making online transactions around the globe. It adds a safe credit card payment option to WordPress based ecommerce sites. Regardless of the size of your company or the volume of your online transactions, you can integrate CCNow Payment module with your WooCommerce site. It is used by startups, auction […]

Fix product images size in WooCommerce products?

Want to change the height and/or the width of the product images on your WooCommerce based ecommerce site? However, the common problem that most webmasters encounter while adjusting product images on WooCommerce is that changing the dimensions of the images in the WooCommerce settings do not work. Hence, editing the appropriate codes is the only […]

Remove add to cart button from the product page in WooCommerce?

While designing a chic ecommerce website, instead of displaying the ‘add to cart’ button on the products pages you may want to display the button only on specific individual item pages. However, hiding the ‘add to cart’ button on the product page is not easy. Modifying the codes is a job of the experts. Contact […]

Remove the side bar from single product page in WooCommerce?

A common problem with WooCommerce themes is that they come with default sidebars that are displayed on all pages. Removing the default sidebar from a particular webpage such as single product page is not easy for people without any coding knowledge. We can help you with this problem and ensure that the sidebar do not […]

Add the side bar on single product page in WooCommerce

Adding a sidebar option to a single product page in WooCommerce is quite tricky. Every website theme comes with various sidebar options, enabling creation of unlimited sidebars for different pages. However, a common complaint with WooCommerce is that some of these sidebar options do not work on single product pages. The page may display the […]

Set up an affiliate program in your WooCommerce shopping site

Affiliate program is a popular and easy way of making money online. As there are numerous affiliate programs, finding the right program that actually pays is not easy. If you want to use an affiliate program for earning commissions by selling goods of merchants on your WooCommerce site, contact us. We will help you in […]

Install and Configure Your Premium ThemeForest WordPress Theme

Themeforest is an amazing resource for WordPress themes. It is a great resource for those, who are seeking Premium WordPress theme. All these themes are tested for cross browser compatibility along with a raft of customizations and options. If you need help in installation of themeforest Wrodpress themes, you can avail our expert services. Besides […]