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  • Setup-a-single-product-to-be-the-website-landing-page

    Setup a single product to be the website landing page

    We can make a single product your website’s landing page. We can also extend this to a category page as well. This will enable the conversion rate f
  • Remove

    Remove ‘no products’ message from empty categories

    If a category has no products that are displayed, a message will show up to the customer informing them of the unavailability of any products. We can
  • Remove-or-Edit-the-title-of-the-category-panel

    Remove or Edit the title of the category panel

    We are able to perform the slightly tricky task of removing or editing the title of the category panel. In fact, by default, most panels have titles t
  • Remove-Estimate-Shipping-and-Tax-feature-from-cart-page

    Remove Estimate Shipping and Tax feature from cart page

    If you desire the shipping quote to be presented to your customers when they checkout, then we can help disable the estimate shipping and tax feature
  • Move-description-panel-on-product

    Move description panel on product.html page

    We will help you actually move panels that are used on the storefront on the BigCommerce site. This will also allow us to actually move the Product De
  • Modify-built

    Modify built-in Carousel dimensions to fit template

    We will help you modify the built-in Carousel dimensions that somehow do not match the template of your site. We will also identify the CSS files and
  • Make-the-Quick-View-pop

    Make the Quick View pop-up larger

    We can help you make the Quick View pop-up larger for customers to minimize scrolling for products on your site that have multiple options. It is not
  • Insert-logo-on-Storenvy-website

    Insert logo on Storenvy website

    Do you want your logo to be placed on the Storenvy site? We can perform the task for you. Our services include customizing and placing the logo in you
  • Insert-a-PayPal-donation-button-on-the-product-page

    Insert a PayPal donation button on the product page

    If you are looking to receive PayPal donations on your site, we can help you generate the code required to be displayed on your product page. Donation
  • Grey

    Grey-out sold out products in variant dropdown on Shopify

    A product may have multiple variants. There could be a possibility that you run out of one of the variants. We can help you fix the problem so that yo
  • get

    Get ‘add to cart’ back on my store

    The ‘add to cart’ button or link on any website is among the most crucial elements to allow users to shop at ease. We will ensure that we sift thr
  • Eliminate

    Eliminate ‘Powered by BigCommerce’ link from bottom of the page

    We have the ability to remove the ‘Powered by BigCommerce’ link form the bottom of your storefront by making certain changes to the site’s templ
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