Safefreelancer is currently in a public Beta. This means you may come across small quirks or bugs as we continue developing the site. We’re expecting to add new features and categories rapidly during this period. We value your feedback, especially while we’re in this Beta phase – we’ll be relying on your help to understand areas we’re doing well in and areas you think we could do better. We want Safefreelancer to be the best place to get services on the web, so please feel free to contact us directly at any point.

Safefreelancer is a platform which allows freelancers to create a virtual shopfront for small services across a wide range of the creative spectrum. Freelance services offered to buyers could be anything from writing a content, photo retouching and logo design to WordPress plug-in development or coding an email newsletter.

We’re really excited to have created a virtual shopping experience for small services. Buyers choose a service they want from a service provider they like. They can see everything upfront. From price to turnaround time to number of revisions to work samples. They’ll know exactly what they’re getting, no surprises. When they’re happy to proceed, we’ll facilitate the transaction from start to finish.

All services offered on the site are provided by freelancers who apply to provide services on Safefreelancer. When a freelancer applies to provide a service on the site, our review team assesses the service for inclusion on the site. We charge a platform fee to service providers which is included in the price of services.

When you pay for a job, the money is not immediately transferred to the Service Provider. Instead, it stays in a holding account until the job is completed, at which point the funds are released. If you’re not happy with the Service Provider’s work, and a Safefreelancer team member upholds your complaint, payment will be returned to you in full.

This system ensures that Service Providers are always paid if they do good work, and that buyers can always be refunded if they don’t receive what they were promised.

Our aim is to make getting creative services done by people you can trust as easy as possible. You can see all details of a service, like price, revision time and more before you even get in touch with a service provider. Everyone on Safefreelancer is also protected by a robust dispute resolution process. However, in most cases, both the Buyer and Service Provider work amicably together and buyers are overjoyed with the work they receive. We review all Safefreelancer services to help ensure the quality of your experience.

We recommend all service providers read the review guide prior to submitting services for approval. The review guide will explain what we’re looking for and some common mistakes to avoid when submitting a new service for review.

Safefreelancer is a hand-picked community of freelancers. We actively scout for new providers and we’re working on ways for our community members to invite people from their own networks.

A service provider is a freelancer who sells services on Safefreelancer.

Each service application is reviewed by a member of the Safefreelancer review team. The reviewer will read the application ensuring that the title, description and any examples meet our minimum quality requirements whilst ensuring that the service complies with our terms of use.

Safefreelancer has three sets of terms governing use of the site, as well as a privacy policy. It is important you have reviewed the terms relevant to you as they contain important information relating to your promises to us and our promises to you when using the site.

User Terms – These apply to all buyers, service providers and anyone who uses the site, even if they’re just browsing and don’t become a member.

Service Provider Additional Terms – Service Provider Additional Terms (some extra terms just for service providers).

Services Agreement – The agreement that a buyer and a service provider make with each other every time they agree on a job.
Privacy Policy – Part of the User Terms.

These terms are always accessible through the footer on Safefreelancer.

The Dispute Resolution Process is a robust framework which allows trained Safefreelancer staff to resolve disputes between buyers and service providers fairly. This process helps ensure that a service provider will get paid when they deserve to and likewise buyers receive a refund when they deserve to. The Dispute Resolution Process can be entered into at any stage by a buyer or service provider up to and including 7 days following the completion of the job, as indicated by both parties.

Safefreelancer takes full payment from buyers as soon as they order a service. The money you earn from completed jobs is usually transferred to your earnings account 7 days after the job is marked as completed, as long as no dispute has been raised. When we transfer job earnings into your account, we will subtract our platform fee from your balance. If your balance meets the minimum withdrawal criteria (currently $50) at the end of each month, we will automatically process a withdrawal for you and your balance will reset to zero. Your pending withdrawal will then be paid out on the 10th day of the following month. If you have any questions about your account balance, please contact Safefreelancer support.

You can learn more about how content is protected on Safefreelancer by reading our content policy

You can learn more about how Safefreelancer deals with content infringements by reading our content policy.

Please refer to our content policy for more information.

Safefreelancer handles content issues differently depending on the situation. Please refer to our content policy for more information.

You can leave a feedback about the service on the service page. You can get in touch with us via our contact page. You can also get in touch with us quickly by reaching out on social media. Follow us on Twitter and like us on Facebook to keep up to date!

The Safefreelancer team is eager to hear about any issues or questions you may have. Feel free to get in touch with us at any stage. Our friendly support or product team will respond to you as soon as possible.

We’re launching Safefreelancer lean, with a starting focus on services in the graphics/creative design industry. We are focusing on expanding to include many areas of the creative spectrum based on community feedback and demand. Have an awesome idea for Safefreelancer? Let us know!

We are launching with a focus on the essential elements of the platform, community features will be scoped for inclusion in the future. We absolutely adore our community though, and would love for you to connect with us and your fellow service providers on Twitter and Facebook.

Yes. Check out our Service Provider Resources page where we will continue to add more marketing collateral and tips, to help you grow your business.