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Convert your web designs into a W3C compatible HTML5 Joomla website

In today’s world, we have fixed standards for all materials and software is no exception. Though Joomla is one of the powerful and popular CMS in the web world, it has certain web standards that programmers have embraced and users are insisted to take into consideration these key attributes. W3C develops specifications to improve the interoperability of web based goods, which developers should have compliance to. While developing a Joomla site, it is mostly based on HTML, CSS, PHP, etc. To ensure W3C standards, the site should pass HTML and CSS compliant test and templates should have CSS3 complaint designs. The content must be validated. A basic knowledge of HTML is required to do these or else you may miss a few things while validating your content. We are well aware of all compliances and can convert your designs into W3C compliant HTML5 site.


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