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Repair / restore your hacked WordPress powered website

Thousands of websites are powered by the popular WordPress tool and it is not without a reason. WordPress is a developer-friendly CMS. You can do anything you wish with this amazing tool. However, there are few shortcomings as well, like for instance, if your default configuration is not changed then some pesky users and hackers can take advantage of this. If you are, a blogger with very little technical knowledge then fixing a hacked WordPress blog is not easy. However, you need not fret, as we are here to help you fix hacked WordPress websites. We analyze the root cause of your hacked and infected site, which ensures that the website is not re-infected again and again. We remove the offending codes and in case the admin password is not working, we restore access to your site. Besides this, we advice on securing your WordPress website to prevent future attacks, which is critical to protect your business.


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